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Each label is 3 Inches in length




Organise your Pantry, Kitchen, Home, Bedroom, Lounge, Bathroom, Personalise your life !


Labels have a clear background allowing you to apply your labels to any surface - bottles, jars, fridge, freezer, toy boxes, lunch boxes - any hard surface for home decor and organisation.


Labels available in a choice of colours & fonts to suit your needs.



  • Your label will be made in the length required, and the height will be adjusted to keep the label in the correct proportion


  • If you require a height restriction, due to the size of item that the label is being applied to, please note this in the personalisation box.  We can accommodate any needs, to ensure your label will look perfect in place !


  • Each label has a character limit of 12 
  • One label per container
  • Spaghetti = 1 label - Icing Sugar = 1 Label - Tea Coffee Sugar = 3 Labels - Max's Toys = 1 Label


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